Olympus xD Card Video File Recovery

Olympus is a well known name because of their high quality and cutting edge products like Digital cameras, camcorder and voice recorder. Olympus digital cameras are highly reviewed and used by millions around the world as they keep the reputation of producing the best products. Their digital cameras are equipped with Olympus XD picture card or Micro SD card which is used to store video, photo and audio files. Although Olympus maintains high standard of quality, No one can deny threat of losing the files. For example: In your leisure time you took a long video along with your friends. You are out of space now and your friends are urging you to take more photos. In meander you opt for emptying some space and your video file got washed away in the process. Now what! What you will do to recover video files from Olympus card?

You will do lots of brainstorming but it may not help in most cases. This article can come in handy in situations like these and can save your time. Before we discuss about the solution let’s have a look over some of the common scenarios where you might lose your precious video or media files:

Many of you might think that your lost or removed data can`t come back. If you are also one of them then I am happy to inform you that you are wrong. It might seem a mammoth task to recover videos on xD card but with Olympus Photo Recovery software, you can recover video files from Olympus card easily.

Olympus Photo Recovery software

This is an excellent software which has an inbuilt algorithm to scan the lost files from your Olympus XD picture card. Its advanced technology ensures that you get those media files without compromising the original quality.

Some of the general specialties of this software are listed here:

One important measure you should always keep in mind once you lose your files never try to use that device till you recover video files from Olympus card back, otherwise your data could get overwritten and it will be impossible to retrieve those files back.

Steps to recover videos from Olympus card:-

Step 1: Download the software from the above mentioned link and install. After successful installation connect the Olympus xD card to that PC.

Step 2: Launch the software after connecting. On initiation three options will get displayed. Among them choose the media edition to restore videos from Olympus card.

Step 3: In the next window you will be provided with "Recover deleted photos" and "Recover Lost Photos" option. Pick one which best fits you.

Step 4: It will redirect you to a window where you can find your Olympus xD card drive. Select the same and proceed.

Step 5: Then in the next window choose the video file formats that you are looking for. If not known click Skip at the bottom right corner.

Step 6: Now all the Deleted / Lost files in the Olympus xD card will be pulled out with in no time. Save the session; purchase the software and extract all the recovered videos from to the saved sessions to your desired folder.

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