Retrieving Deleted Photos from Olympus Camera

It’s a very usual thing to delete photos from any Olympus camera. To use the space efficiently at any cost we need to delete the unwanted photos. But on doing make the user to sacrifice some important photos or a most needed one at times. Deletion may be of any type, Olympus photo recovery software is there which is one of the most deserved tools for both professional photographer and part time Olympus camera clickers. This easy Olympus photo recovery tool recovers almost all kinds of images from Olympus camera. There is a cent percent deleted photo recovery is possible if and only if the storage space of the existed photos is not over written by any other newly added file. Check out more about this tool here:

People will be out of their mind after losing all the most important photos on sight. This kind of situations requires algorithmically stuffed powerful software and a tool of its kind is Olympus photo recovery tool. This tool is legitimately capable of retrieving deleted photos from Olympus camera. Photos with higher resolutions can be retrieved more easily using this utility. One of the major image format supported and introduced by Olympus is ORF. Deleted photos with this image extension from Olympus camera can be retrieved back easily. To know more please visit:

Photos clicked in low battery are one of the major photo deletion problems. To get rid of this it is always recommended to keep enough power in the battery before clicking any moments. Photos deleted during this scenario can be reverted back to the xD card or any other storage device with help of Olympus photo recovery software within no time. There are many critical and crucial situations where important photos can be deleted unexpectedly.

Some more unexpected situations are…

  • May you unintentionally delete some essential photographs while deleting unwanted pictures
  • Chances of losing photos when camera is running on low battery are pretty more
  • Interruption while syncing photos between camera and PC will pay to lose photos

Bunch of reasons held responsible for losing photos from Olympus digital camera. One best solution for all such problems is Olympus photo recovery tool. It can retrieve photos deleted from Olympus digital camera with an ease. in addition to photo recovery from Olympus digital camera, it can easily recover photos from formatted xD card on Windows as well as on Mac OS X mahcines. With only one software, you can get back all the type of deleted image files which your camera supports.

Proceed in this way for retrieving deleted photos from Olympus camera:--

Step 1: Before proceeding to the recovery procedure, first make sure that your Olympus camera is connected with the PC or not.

Step 2: After that, launch the installed Olympus photo recovery software

Step 3: Now it’s time to get all the deleted photos from Olympus camera. In the main window click on "Recover Photos" and then choose “Recover Deleted Photos”. This option will guide you to a new window where you will a list of drives.

Retrieving Deleted Photos from Olympus Camera - Select Recover Deleted Photos

Step 4: Choose the appropriate Olympus camera drive that owes your deleted photos and click on the right arrow on the right corner. On doing this you are igniting the scanning process.

Retrieving Deleted Photos from Olympus Camera - Select Camera

Step 5: The in-depth scanning algorithm inside will pull out all the deleted photos for you and throws it out.

Step 6: Using the preview option you can view the recovered photo and make sure it’s appropriate or not.

Retrieving Deleted Photos from Olympus Camera - Preview Photos

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