How to Perform ORF Photo File Recovery?

The acronym ORF stands for "Olympus RAW Format". This type of image file format is patterned by Olympus Corporation and used in many Olympus cameras. Since this ORF photo format is so specific it requires a highly dignified recovery tool to restore ORF pictures when they are deleted or lost by the user while using the Olympus cameras. This is where our Olympus photo recovery software perfectly fits. It is a best tool to recover ORF images from the xD card and other storage mediums. This ORF format is same as like the RAW format, it is not an image format like JPEG and PNG. It comes under the RAW image format group. It just holds the information of an image provided by the Olympus camera sensors. This type of ORF photo files can be restored easily using Olympus photo recovery tool. The ultimate use is as follows.

The ORF file formats are the chief source of high resolution photos in Olympus cameras. If the most needed ORF photo is lost without your intention, you will be in a greater headache. In that situation the Olympus photo recovery tool proves itself as the perfect remedy to restore ORF photo files. The written ORF files through Olympus camera sensors can be rewritten without causing any damage to the available files in the Olympus camera storage medium. This powerful recovery utility knows how to recover ORF photo files from various types of secondary storage devices including internal computer drive, external hard disks, memory stciks, memory cards, etc.

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Consider that you are using an Olympus camera and you are clicking photos continuously and unfortunately you don’t notice the low battery info. At the time of retrieving or transferring the clicked images, you are finding that many of your ORF photos are lost. Now your face will glow pale and you may think how to recover ORF photo files that has been deleted. Here comes our Olympus photo recovery software to the rescue. Inbuilt algorithm of this software has the potential to perform ORF photo file recovery and other RAW photo files taken in any Olympus camera models. This immense tool can restore ORF pictures the same way as it was at the time of deletion. The application not only knows how to recover ORF photo files, but also knows to recover various types photo files incluing JPEG, PNG, JPG, TIFF and other popular RAW photo files created by digital cameras.

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One of the complicated issues faced all over the Olympus xD users is read/write errors. Because of these errors the ORF images inside the Olympus camera cards might to be accessible to the user particularly in old Olympus camera cards. To perform ORF photo file recovery from those devices Olympus digital photo recovery tool is the best option. For this the user doesn’t need to format the xD card. There are many pluses are available with this prolonged tool to recover ORF photo files and moreover the application is quite easy to use, so even if a person has no computer knowledge and does not know how to recover ORF photo files can employ this app.

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Learn how to recover ORF photo files:

Step 1: As instructed download and install Olympus photo recovery tool in your PC. Connect the memory card of Olympus camers to perform ORF photo file recovery process. Select "Recover Photos" option from main menu followed by "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" based on your requirements.

How to Recover ORF Photo Files - Select Appropriate Option

Step 2:Now from this you have to select the memory card from which you want to restore ORF pictures.

How to Recover ORF Photo Files - Choose The Drive

Step 2:After successful initiation drive the Olympus camera storage medium that holds the deleted / lost ORF files. After finding the drive you will be prompted to choose the file format that need to be recovered.

How to Recover ORF Photo Files - Choose File Type

Step 3:In that set of list pick the ORF photo format and hit the right arrow at the bottom right corner. And now all your deleted / lost ORF photo files inside the storage device will be displayed on the screen.

How to Recover ORF Photo Files - Recovered Photo Files

Step 4:After successful recovery save the session and extract the recovered ORF photo files after the purchase of the recovery software.

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