Restore DCIM Folder from Olympus XD Card

“Consider this situation, in order to take backup of the pictures stored on Olympus card, I have inserted it to my system. And I noticed that the drive which I chose to store files is low in space. Therefore, I decided to delete unnecessary files from the system. But instead of choosing files from the drive by mistake I selected the DCIM folder on the Olympus card and performed delete operation. I couldn’t digest the blunder which I made, when I realized it. Now I looking for options to recover DCIM folder from Olympus card. How can I recover DCIM folder from Olympus card. I have lot of important files in it. Please help me to find out the perfect tool to perform DCIM folder recovery from Olympus card.”

DCIM or Digital Camera Images is the location where images captured using camera and smart phones are usually stored. The files inside DCIM folder are often called as DCIM files i.e. images. DCIM is the folder that occupies more space in your Olympus card, and therefore user will actually look to move these files into a safe location in order to free the space of their memory card. There are various reasons that leads to the loss or deletion of DCIM folder. Before learning how to recover DCIM folder from Olympus card, let’s go through the most common causes of deletion or loss of DCIM folder.

Some common situations behind the loss of DCIM folder

You might have to encounter these situations at any point of time, if you are a frequent user of memory card. So, it is always better to keep the backup of DCIM folder on a separate storage device on a regular basis. But most of the users don’t have this habit, in case if you don’t have the backup of DCIM folder then there is nothing to panic. You can use Olympus Photo recovery application, it will help you to recover DCIM folder from Olympus card under any of the above mentioned situations.

Rescue DCIM Folder

Olympus Photo Recovery is an ideal tool that will help you to restore DCIM folder from Olympus memory card that are deleted or lost due to any reason. This tool has the potential to identify and recover all types of files that are lost from DCIM folder. With the help of this tool you can easily recover all picture file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. By utilizing this application, it is exrtemely easy to retrieve deleted photos from camera brands like Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, Samsung, etc.

Additional features of Olympus Photo Recovery

Steps to Recover DCIM folder from Olympus Card:-

Step 1: Download the software from the above mentioned link and install. After successful installation connect the Olympus xD card to PC.

Step 2: After completion of the connection wizard initiate the software. On initiation you will be prompted with three different options. Among them choose the media edition to restore photos from Olympus card.

Step 3: In the next upcoming window you will be provided with "Recover deleted photos" and "Recover Lost Photos" option. Pick one which best fits you.

Step 4: It will to redirect you to a window where you can find your Olympus card drive. Select the same and proceed.

Step 5: Then in the next window choose the appropriate image format. If unknown click Skip at the bottom right corner.

Step 6: Now all the Deleted / Lost DCIM folder files in the Olympus card will be pulled out with in no time. Save the session; purchase the software and extract all the recovered photos from to the saved sessions to your desired folder.

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