Simple way to Recover Corrupted xD Card Data

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your xD card is corrupted? Do you want to fix this issue and recover corrupted xD card data? If yes, then do not worry, you have arrived at right place, here you will be explained how to perform corrupted xD card recovery with the help of Olympus Photo Recovery app. Corruption of xD card can be a great headache in case you do not have separate backup of xD card data. However, if your valuable data has been lost form xD card, then do not panic. Be relaxed and take a deep breath, because aforementioned Olympus photo recovery tool can easily restore corrupted xD card data in a few simple clicks of mouse. To know more how this tool works, visit here:

Reasons behind the corruption of xD card:

Improper use of xD Card: Most of the user do not care about their xD card while using it. For example, if you are not following the proper way of plugging and unplugging xD card while connecting it to your system, then chances of its corruption is quite high and at times camera will show card error message. Once the corruption of your xD card has happened you cannot access its stored file. Now, it is obvious that you would be disappointing and thinking that how to recover corrupted xD card data. Thankfully, there is tool which is developed to restore corrupted xD card data in an effective manner.

Virus Attack: If you have used your xD card on different systems which are not protected by antivirus program, then chances are quite high that your xD card may come under the influence of virus or malware program which in turns results in corruption of xD card. Corruption of xD card makes all the data inaccessible resulting in loss of valuable files. However, you can restore corrupted xD card data using Olympus photo recovery tool.

File System Corruption: File system of xD card manages all the data stored on it. If this files system gets corrupted, then all the data stored on it gets inaccessible causing a great trouble. In case your valuable data which is lacking a proper backup becomes victim of this incident, then do not worry, there is a tool which is called Olympus Photo Recovery can easily recover corrupted xD card in just a few simple clicks of mouse.

How to avoid xD card corruption?

There are few simple tips which if you will keep in your mind, then you can easily avoid the corruption of xD card. One of those is you should always use your xD card in proper manner while connecting or disconnecting to any computer. You should refrain to use your xD card on a system which is under the effect of virus or dangerous malware.

Amazing features of Olympus Photo Recovery application:

Steps to perform Corrupted xD Card Recovery:

Step 1: Download and install software on your computer and then launch it. After that select “Recover Drives” option as shown in figure 1.


Corrupted xD Card Recovery - Main Window

Step 2: From second screen of tool you need to select appropriate recovery option to proceed with corrupted xD card recovery as shown in figure 2.

Corrupted xD Card Recovery - Select Appropriate Recovery Option

Step 3: Select your corrupted xD card from this screen to perform corrupted xD card recovery as shown in figure 3.

Corrupted xD Card Recovery - Select xD Card

Step 4: Once the recovery process is over you can easily preview recovered files as shown in figure 4.

Corrupted xD Card Recovery - Recovered xD Card Data

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